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Why should I register to job placement agency?

Not all employer posted job vacancy in newspaper. Many employers appoint job placement agency to assist in their company's recruitment activities. No fees is charged against the employer, with no doubt, more and more vacancies are available in job placement agency.

Our BR Job Master Database System is able to match best suit jobs for the registrants base on their requirements. BR's personnel will contact the registrant if there is any matching job, and assist the registrant to obtain the offering job.

Is there a fee?
No fee to employers; The commission is paid by the candidates that registered to our agencym together with a RM 12.00 Registration Fee. Except for Executive Search which we will charge the employers instead. Commission is negotiable.

What is the Registration Fee?

The registration Fee is valid for one year. It covers Photocopy of I/C, Data entry to BR Job Master Database System, issue of Job Interview Letter, phone calls, etc.

How long is the validation of the registration?

It valids for ONE year, 12 months.

How does it all work?
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Is a resume important?
Yes, the right resume is very important. Many people have not updated their resume in a while, and we can help with that too. Your resume is your introduction to both the recruiter and the company. Our BR Job Master Database System can generate a resume for you.