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BR undertakes series of marketing program to continue providing professional job placement service. The marketing program includes:


1. Networking & Referrals – using existing contacts and networks to build a larger network of potential clients.

2. Telemarketing – to call the target customer and introduce BR’s services and fix business appointments.

3. Mass Faxing & E-mailing – to conduct mass faxing and emailing of services leaflets to target customers.

4. Advertisement – constant advertisement on newspaper, and other media to promote public awareness

5. To work together with other job placement agencies to share information within each others, in providing a larger database of job seekers and job recruiter.




A walk-in job seeker (Candidate) is requires to fill-up a Registration Form to register to BR Job Master Database.     


BR provides professional, systematic and quality job placement service to local and foreign job seekers and employers specifically in Kuantan, Pahang, MALAYSIA.

BR is specialised in consulting and supplying non-skilled and skilled workers ranging from factory workers to managerial personnel, to all kinds of industry ranging from agriculture to high tech industry.

We provide the following professional services:

  • Assist Employers to source, search and identify suitable candidates in accordance to the company's specifications and requirements with strictest confidential.
  • Assist suitable job seekers for job placement with various private sectors and institutions in the Peninsular of Malaysia.
  • We help in applying quotas and working visas for foreign workers and domestic helpers
  • Provide Domestic Helper from Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines
  • Malaysia Training Provider (MTP) providing induction course to foreign manpower who intend to work in Malaysia