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The job seeker (Candidate) can choose to register at BR’s office or via BR’s website for Online-Registration. A nominal charge is incurred in this registration (RM 12.00) – charges cover photocopy of I/C, data entry of candidate particulars, create of Resume /CV, issue of job interview letter, and service fees), and it is valid for one year.

The job seeker will then be interviews by BR personnel for the purpose to understand more about the job seeker qualification, skills and ideal job requirements.

When an employer appoints BR to do the recruitment task, BR will make it a point to know every detail of its requirements. BR even visit the employer place if necessary to understand the working environment and culture, in order to select the most qualified candidate to meet the employers specific requirements.

BR will screen through its BR Job Master Database to do automatic job matching, and match the best candidates to send to the employer for Interview. Upon request by the employer, BR will send the qualified candidates’ Resume / CV via fax or email for selection.

We are matching the best candidate to the employer after detailed selection process like job matching, interviewing, conducting series of tests and reference checking, etc.

Best match candidate will be call up by BR to attend a interview set by the employer. The candidate will attend the interview carrying a job interview letter issued by BR. The letter is the reference and recommendation letter by BR.

Upon successive recruitment, the job seekers is required to pay 20% of the FIRST month salary to the agency as commission. This is only a one time charges, and it does not apply to the next pay cheque. (stated in the Job Registration Form).